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I, Q, am the leader of the Bolzoni pack and I built this web site for my human companions.

I want to tell you a little about myself and about my pack.

I was born in the Northern Netherlands province of Friesland. My mum is Nashua Derivato dei Sanchi and my dad is Justin Derivato dei Sanchi. I have four brothers and four sisters (daddy is a real lad!)

My breed is Bracco Italiano, one of the two Italian gun dog breeds and the oldest gun dog breed in the world. My ancestors were already hunting with the Babylonians four thousand years ago. After fading into oblivion, our breed has been revitalised a few centuries ago in Italy; that's why we are considered to be an Italian breed.

My home pack is the Bolzoni pack. There are three members in the pack: me Q, Paolo and Elisabeth (or Els).

Paolo and Els are both of the human breed (you know, those funny dogs who walk on two legs, cannot bark, can hardly smell and have the nasty habit to tell me what I should and should not do!).

Paolo is Milanese. There you are, now you know why the Milan coat of arms on the left side of this page. Els is Dutch from Brabant.

After living for 30 years in the beautiful Amsterdam, in 2008 we moved to Huize Eyll in Maastricht, where we enjoy our beautiful home, our vineyard and the beautiful hilly landscape of South Limburg.

I had a wonderful life in Amsterdam, playing all day long with my mates in the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam South. So much so that I had permanent address in the park: under the bushes, seventh tree left right after the south entrance!

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